Great show of strength and force during Monday's SB131 hearing. Thank you!  Follow this link to find the video archive of the senate hearings.  Our volunteers showed up and spoke their mind.  It took courage, and for some it was not the first time they had testified.

Just ask Mildred Boesser who has been showing up time and time again on these important issues, or Mary Graham, who said I have lived in Alaska since the 80's and since the 80's I have been coming here to testify about why this is the right thing to do. Senators'  please listen to your people this time and pass this important common sense bill.  The passionate comments of our community came shinning right through.  Only one descenting comment, but that person was really not clear on whether she was for or against the actual bill being discussed.  So in the end the message was powerful, so powerful, that they assigned it to another committee.  Thank goodness!  If they will grant a hearing the goal will be to  do it again.  This time if you did testify, you are asked to try and find another person or two whom you can coach and mentor to speak so these Senators hear from different perspective and voices.



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