Pride Pub Crawl

Pride Week
June 10, 2017 07:00 PM
Multiple Locacations

Pride's first event begins June 10th at Rockwell at 7PM for an hour of Pride T-shirt sales and pickup and it is a perfect spot to have a nosh before we begin our bar crawl. We will don lots of party swag provided by SEAGLA. We will go over the night's games and challenges.Then we will hit up several downtown bars playing fun games along the way with an opportunity to take part in unique activities or simply mingle in a private corner. 2017 Juneau Pride T-shirt orders will be distributed at the first and last stop on our crawl. 



Rockwell @ 7PM - Pride t-shirt sales, food for our bellies, don our party swag, and a first drink to start our crawl

The Alaskan @ 8:00 - We will take over the upstairs for a shot and a mingle or three

The Red Dog Saloon @ 8:30 - We will make our presence known when we visit this tourist mecca, team games and challenges

The Viking Bar & Lounge @ 9:00 - Upstairs for a game of pool, shake your butt on the dancefloor, team games and challenges

The Triangle Club @ 9:30 - Awwww we love our small little club with the best view and bar trivia! Games and prizes!

The Imperial Bar @ 10:00 - Need some food at this point? Grab a bite as we play darts or a team challenge

The Rendezvous @ 10:30 - Our final stop is packed with so much...      I. Just. Cant. Even. Right. Now.

  • Queer-a-oke
  • Gay Trivia
  • DJ & Dancing
  • Club Baby Seal stand up comedy
  • Games, prizes, and more!

All Dates

  • June 10, 2017 07:00 PM

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